domingo, 24 de junio de 2007

Corbin Bleu - Another Side

Hey guys, here it's Corbin Bleu debut album, I got like two monts ago, but due that it will be releasing in Argentina over the next week I'll post it. Enjoy it!

Acá dejo el CD debut de Corbin Bleu, se filtró hace ocmo dos meses, pero como en Argentina sale ne las próximas semanas, lo posteo. Escuchen a la nueva promesa del R&B.

Official Track-List/Temas Oficiales

1 "Deal with It"
2 "Stop"
3 "Roll with You"
4 "She Could Be"
5 "I Get Lonely"
6 "We Come to Party"
7 "Mixed Up"
8 "Still There for Me" ft. Vanessa Hudgens
9 "Marchin'"
10 "Never Met a Girl Like You"
11 "Homework"

12 "Push It to the Limit"

Bonus Tracks:

13 "Shake it Off"
14 "If She Says Yeah"

Download - Click on the CD Cover

Download Bonus Tracks

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